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2 Week Course: Introduction to Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

What is the course?

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Our Introduction to Investment Banking program is a 2 week course that introduces you to the basic analytical skills required in investment banking and finance. The course is geared towards those who desire to become investment bankers or want to learn more about the industry.

What do we teach?


Our goal is to teach the core analytical and technical skills required in investment banking, equity research, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, asset management and other areas of finance. We devote at least one full class session to each of our four main topics:

  • Two 7-hour classes per week for a total of approximately 28 hours of classroom time
  • Conveniently located in midtown Manhattan
  • Focus on practical knowledge, not theory
  • Significant emphasis on career advancement
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  • The foundations of accounting, finance and investment banking
  • Valuing a company
  • Modeling a company's financial statements
  • Interviewing, recruiting and job search
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Why take this course?

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The skills that you will gain from this course can greatly strengthen your candidacy for investment banking and finance positions, improve your job search and further your career by:

Why us?

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We strive to be the best-of-class provider of professional education relating to finance and investment banking. Differentiating features of our program include:

  • Enhancing your resume or CV with demonstratable skills
  • Making you stand out in job interviews
  • Allowing you to hit the ground running and progress faster in a new position
  • Differentiating yourself from your peers
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  • Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly instructors
  • Small, interactive classes
  • Highest quality presentation materials, Excel worksheets and homework exercises
  • Life-long participation in our alumni network
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Upcoming Classes

September 17th and 18th
Columbia Business School

  • 2-Day Course on Financial Modeling,
    Valuation & Interview Prep
  • Sat. and Sun. 9:00am - 5:00pm

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