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September 17th and 18th
Columbia Business School

  • 2-Day Course on Financial Modeling,
    Valuation & Interview Prep
  • Sat. and Sun. 9:00am - 5:00pm
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About the Institute

The Institute for Finance Education and Career Advancement, based in New York, was founded with the goal of being the premier provider of professional education relating to investment banking and related areas of finance. Our current course offering includes the 2-week program, Introduction to Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. In this course, we teach you the basic analytical skills required in investment banking and corporate finance, including valuation and financial modeling. We also teach classes at universities and top MBA programs throughout the United States and offer self study programs in financial modeling.

We believe that several factors differentiate us from other organizations. Our sole mission is to provide the best possible experience for individuals who desire to learn about and succeed in investment banking and other finance careers. Our focus is on teaching the practical knowledge used in finance rather than the theory generally taught in universities and graduate business schools. In addition, we understand that the majority of the students who take our classes are seeking positions in investment banking and finance. It is our purpose to help students to achieve that end. As such, we place significant emphasis on providing the knowledge and teaching the tools that will be helpful in the job search and interview process. Finally, the relationship that we have with our students does not end when the last class session is over. We hope to maintain the relationship with our students through their participation in our alumni network.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the Institute for Finance and how you can bring our finance programs to your campus.