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September 17th and 18th
Columbia Business School

  • 2-Day Course on Financial Modeling,
    Valuation & Interview Prep
  • Sat. and Sun. 9:00am - 5:00pm
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What is the course?

The Institute for Finance's Introduction to Corporate Finance Investment Banking program is a 2 week course that introduces you to the basic analytical skills required in investment banking and corporate finance careers. The class meets twice a week for 2 consecutive weeks. Each class is approximatley 7 hours long, for a total of about 28 hours of classroom time. All classes are conveniently held in midtown Manhattan within walking distance of public transportation.

The course is designed to be a practical introduction to investment banking. That is to say, you will learn how things are really done in investment banking, and not just the theory that is taught at most academic institutions.

The course begins with a discussion of investment banking and then continues with an overview of the accounting and finance skills that are the necessary framework for investment banking and other finance careers. The bulk of the course is dedicated to teaching the two most important skills in investment banking: valuation and financial modeling. View the complete course syllabus

Recognizing that the majority of our students are focused on attaining jobs, we also devote a full class session to recruiting, interviewing, resumes and other job search topics. We place particular attention to how this course can aid you in your job search.

While the class is geared towards students that are seeking careers in or learning about investment banking, all of the analytical skills taught and topics covered are applicable to a variety of careers in finance, including:

In addition, the program is well suited towards individuals such as CEOs and other corporate executives, business owners, corporate attorneys and accountants who may work with investment bankers and/or are interested in learning more about the industry.

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