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September 17th and 18th
Columbia Business School

  • 2-Day Course on Financial Modeling,
    Valuation & Interview Prep
  • Sat. and Sun. 9:00am - 5:00pm
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Questions about the course and your job search

How can this course help me with my job search?

Taking this course can aid your job search in a number of ways. Having this program on your resume helps differentiate you from your peers. It makes your resume stronger and makes you stronger as a candidate. It helps demonstrate that you are serious and committed about pursuing a career in investment banking or finance. It shows that you have been introduced to, and already possess many of the crucial technical skills such as valuation and financial modeling that are required in finance jobs.

The course will also help prepare you for your interviews. You will learn how to answer many of the most important and often asked qualitative and technical interview questions. Finally, taking the course gives you the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals who are seeking investment banking and finance jobs. You will have the ability to network with your classmates and with students from past and future class sessions through the Institute's alumni network.

Will this class guarantee me a job?

No. This course can certainly be helpful to your job search, but no class (not even a Harvard MBA) will ever guarantee you a job.

I am seeking a job in another area of finance and not investment banking. Will this course be helpful to me?

The accounting, finance, valuation and financial modeling skills that you will learn in our course are used in many careers in finance such as equity research, hedge funds, private equity, asset management and corporate development. In addition, nearly all of the resume, recruiting, interviewing and job search topics that we cover in class are also applicable to a job search for all of these different areas of finance.

What skills can I add to my resume (and/or cover letter) when I complete the course?

Upon completion of the course, you will have learned several very important skills that you can add to your resume. These skills include learning how to value a company and learning how to create an integrated cash flow model. We will give you several examples of bullet points that you can add directly to your resume or modify as you see fit.

Will this course help me get interviews?

Having this course on your resume or CV can be the difference between you getting an interview and someone else getting an interview. However, just as no course will guarantee you get a job, no course will guarantee you get an interview.

How will taking this course help me in my interviews?

During our last class session, we will spend a significant amount of time on the topic of interviewing. Specifically, we will talk about how to answer many of the most important qualitative questions that you will almost certainly be asked during interviews. We will also cover how to answer many of the technical questions that are often asked in interviews for investment banking and other finance positions. Having learned about accounting, finance, valuation and modeling, in conjunction with the interview discussion in class 8 should prepare you well for your interviews.