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Basic Financial Modeling

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What are the benefits of taking this course?

For current undergraduate and MBA students seeking jobs in investment banking or finance:

Whether you are enrolled at a "target" or "non-target" school, today's difficult job market for investment banking analysts and associates demands that you differentiate yourself from your peers. Taking this course helps you do exactly that. Here's how:

For starters, we spend a full class session on the topics of recruiting, job search and interviewing. You will get resume and cover letter tips about how to best market yourself and how not to market yourself. We also discuss the differences between bulge bracket investment banks and boutique banks, as well as how to transition from investment banking to other areas of finance such as private equity firms and hedge funds.

When investment banks are recruiting analysts and associates, one of the most important questions that they try to ascertain about a candidate is does this person know what he or she is getting into, and are they really serious about investment banking. Having this course on your resume demonstrates that you are serious about pursuing a career in investment banking, that you know what you are getting into, that you speak the language of finance, and that you have knowledge about the industry that your peers will not possess.

Perhaps even more important than helping you to differentiate your resume, taking this course will set you apart in interviews. You will learn how to answer the most common qualitative interview questions that you are nearly assured of being asked in interviews. Over the course sessions, you will also be introduced to substantially all of the accounting, finance and valuation topics that are asked about in technical interview questions. Whether you have a finance or accounting background or not, you need to be well versed in these topics in order to succeed in your interviews for investment banking and other finance jobs.

Finally, this course will give you a leg up when you start your analyst or associate program. Having already been introduced to valuation and financial modeling will allow you to get up the investment banking or finance learning curve faster than your peers. Once you start working, this can lead to better deal flow and experience, and ultimately to higher compensation and more exit opportunities.