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Self Study Programs

Basic Financial Modeling

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What are the benefits of taking this course?

For those who have already secured jobs or currently work in banking or finance and need training in the core finance skills:

Whether you work at an investment bank, hedge fund, private equity firm or other area of finance, odds are you will need to possess certain skills in order to succeed. The two most important skills required in most finance jobs are valuation and financial modeling. Not so coincidentally, teaching valuation and financial modeling is the core mission of our program. Understanding and knowing how to apply these skills will set you apart from your peers and will allow you to "hit the ground running" and contribute faster.

The class is designed to be a practical introduction to investment banking and finance. You will not only learn the basic finance skills used in investment banking but you will learn them the way that investment bankers and finance professionals actually use them. You will learn how to value a company using the three primary valuation methodologies: comparable companies, precedent transactions and discounted cash flow analysis. We will also teach you how to project a company's income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement with what is known as an integrated cash flow model.

In addition to the technical skills that we teach, we will also discuss some of the intangible aspects of banking and finance, including the lingo, the culture and the lifestyle. Plus, we will talk about what makes a great Analyst or Associate, giving you a headstart on your career.