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Self Study Programs

Basic Financial Modeling

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What are the benefits of taking this course?

For professionals desiring to switch into investment banking or finance from other industries or other areas of finance:

Let's be honest, getting a job in investment banking is not easy once you are out of school. This course has the potential to help you do just that.

Since you are likely competing for jobs against candidates directly from schools, it is even more important that you differentiate yourself. We spend a full class session on the topics of recruiting, job search and interviewing. You will get resume and cover letter tips about how to best market yourself to investment banks and how not to market yourself. We also talk specifically about how to network and how best to apply for those coveted banking and finance jobs.

In addition to learning about resumes and recruiting, you will learn how to answer the most common qualitative interview questions that you are nearly assured of being asked in interviews. Over the course sessions, you will also be introduced to substantially all of the accounting, finance and valuation topics that are asked about in technical interview questions. Knowing the answers to these types of questions is even more important when you are trying to switch careers than entering banking directly from school.

It is also extremely crucial that you prove that you are serious about pursuing a career in investment banking. Having this course on your resume demonstrates exactly that.

Lastly, your new employer is going to expect you to hit the ground running. Having been introduced to the practice, and not just the theory of valuation and financial modeling, will help you to do so.